10172875_10152405392047990_450454671_oWriters at DSM are hunters.  We head out into the jungle and look for tracks and animal turds and broken twigs to get on the trail of the coolest people who are doing the shit you need to see. Sometimes it’s tricky to track down the goods, like I’m trying to get in contact with this magician at the moment and he keeps disappearing.  No shit; hardest dude to track down.  Finding Adam Haydec was like tracking a bleeding bellowing triceratops through a white… quiet… place.  It was really easy, that’s my point. It’s really late and my analogies are suffering, and featuring too many dinosaurs.  

He was easy to find because every skater we met  on our recent trip to the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia told us the same thing: talk to Haydec.

So we did.


DSM: Why do you think so many people up here told us you were the skater to talk to?

AH: Probably because I’ve been really pushing myself lately.  I’ve been realising that with skating there are no limits.  I’ve been watching heaps of skate videos and getting really hyped to get out.  And I don’t know many people who push themselves this hard to get something new I guess.

‘I have confidence in certain things, and landing my shit is one of them.’

DSM: What do you love about skating; what keeps u heading out every day?

AH: It gives me something to keep my mind on.  I’m a bit of a drifter.

‘Skating keeps me sane and sheltered from stupidity.’

Other shit I could be into would be worse and more destructive and addictive. Skateboarding is a much better addiction to have.  And I literally can’t leave the house without it; I have a board in my hand whenever I go anywhere.  It’s a part of me, a big part.


DSM: What’s it take to be a good skater? Just having balls the size of a brontosaurus, or is it more about creativity… what’s the key?

AH: The right attitude.  Not losing your shit if you can’t make a trick.  The ability to focus on what you want to do and have the balls to do it.  Just don’t ever lose your shit.


DSM: In skating you fuck up a lot more than you succeed though right? How do you keep your shit together when the “failures” outweigh the success?

AH: Because I know there’s all these other parts of it that I still enjoy.

‘When it comes down to it I still enjoy a simple roll down the driveway.’

The key is to keep enjoying the small things.  At the end of the day skating can get very complex.  Even with all the failures I just try kick away everything that’s keeping me down and keep going.


‘Fucking up so many times is the reason you succeed.’

And when you look back, the things you used to think were mountains are now nothing. I remember thinking it was huge to ollie three bricks!

But the stupid thing is, I will keep trying a trick forever ‘til I get it, but whenever I get an opportunity to pursue skating as a career on another level I always pull back in the fear of what could go wrong.  I need to work on that.


DSM: What are you passionate about in life apart from skating?

AH: Fuck all.  I’m not even passionate about skating. It’s just what I do and what I can do.  I would feel like a shithead if I drop it.  I’m passionate about my little girl and want her to be proud of me.  And this is what I do well.

Really I just take it as it comes. And lots of the time you fail, but then sometimes you don’t, like yesterday I landed a polejam frontside 360 out; sometime you surprise yourself.  But even if you don’t ever become the best in the world just keep trying, cause in the end it’s still fun!  Just fuck it; keep trying!

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Kickass photography by Adam Scarf


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