We like Calumn lots.  He’s not the world’s most famous adventure photographer. He’s not the first man to climb some huge mountain in nothing but his undies, nor did he find sunken treasure on a lost Colombian reef. He’s not an elite level extreme sportsman or the World Champion Thumb Wrestler, though if it turned out he was we wouldn’t be particularly surprised!

No, Calumn is the kind of person we 💖 most here @ Do Shit Magazine. Calumn is a life enthusiast. He’s a regular dude who rearranges his life to do the shit he loves. And he’s a hard man to keep track of.  After leaving the farm he grew up on, 65kms south of Coffs Harbour, a small town famous only for hosting a big piece of fruit, he’s been chasing big experiences all over the world ever since. He shares his wanderings with the world through the lens of his well-worn GoPro on social media, so DSM wanted to catch up with the man himself to see what drives him to keep chasing the shit he loves.

DSM:  You’re a hard man to keep track of, you seem to be constantly on the move! What drives you to be on the go so much?
CH: I am motivated to explore and be constantly see something new each day, even if I don’t go on an adventure. I hate the thought of doing the same thing every day over and over so keeping it fresh is key for me.
DSM: Most people are not nearly as nomadic as you are, but a lot of people do dream of traveling. What’s the key to actually getting out into the big wide world?
CH: Realising that fear is something you will face when travelling and accepting that fear will always be in your mind while travelling.


“Yes, things will go wrong while you are on an adventure, but being able to use fear to drive you to do new things is my motivation to constantly going new places.”

Fear is a friend. Once you can defeat fear you can do many things.
DSM: What have you learned about yourself from your years on the road?
16708317_10154898395723444_3732551701825341156_nCH: The most important thing I have learnt is that I can get out of my comfort zone to go and experience something crazy or something that I would never have dreamed of doing. Being in a comfort zone is possibly a persons worst trait.

“Once you break out of your comfort zone you can achieve a lot.”

DSM: What have you learned about the world when you step out of that comfort zone?

15673016_10154759333778444_8050123204606519311_nCH: Acceptance. People and cultures are different. Once you can accept this you can be friends with pretty much everyone everywhere!

DSM: What dream is it that you’re chasing through your nomadic wanderings?

CH: My dream like most is just to be happy and to be happy with what I am doing. Its certainly hard to do but a wise man once told me that in order to live your dreams or do what you want to do you have to commit your whole life to that single goal.


To keep track of Mr Hockey find him on his insta @calumnhockey!


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