1973333_849516735063433_2564615816568121374_oFun Machine live up to their name WAY more than most bands. Radiohead: disappointingly human heads.  The Flaming Lips: normal non-flammable facial features. Barenaked Ladies: clothed men. Machine Gun Fellatio: when I met them backstage it was moderate paced at best. But Fun Machine, when you see them play, are exactly that; a machine that relentlessly churns fun out of their musical conveyer belt.

Having play with the likes of Gotye, Architecture in Helsinki, Salt’n’Pepa, Gunface and The Darkness, and having recently released the very excellent Bodies On (which u should go get here), DSM just had to catch up with Chris Endry, lead singer of the Canberra-based band, to hear about the amazing shit they do…

906780_849516448396795_7767941986789760932_oDSM: I just sent the message asking you about doing this interview to a wrong number, but it turns out the random person it went to was keen to do an interview too so it turned out pretty good…

CE: Oh that’s very fun. Can’t wait, it’ll probably be more valuable an interview than mine…

DSM: Equally valuable I feel! You’ve got to beat a first year apprentice chef who works with some person who won masterchef called ‘Poh’. Challenge accepted?

CE: Creeeeeepy full circle here: I interviewed Poh on my show at the Adelaide Fringe festival!

DSM: Whaaaaat?! No way, get this, I once drove my old green car which was a FUN MACHINE all the way to ADELAIDE from Bathurst on a whim when bored with a girl who had a FRINGE!

CE: I think we’re all pregnant now.

DSM: Almost everything is boring. Music especially. Fun Machine isn’t boring. How’ve you managed what so many musicians cant these days?

155520_177109968970783_3559336_nCE: Oh but everything’s so interesting!


I guess we don’t hide from the fact that we’re frustrated by the false gods and are itching to explore and lead by example. We don’t think specifically about making a specific show, we just support each other to feel comfortable to keep doing what we want and learning every time.

‘We very rarely use set lists or plan shows, the best moments creep through the gaps anyway.’

Even costume stuff, we never really talk about it. We just grab whatever makes us most excited about being light brigadiers.

DSM: Fun Machine Highlights thus far?

CE: Really, the standout highlights are probably not interesting answers.

1403272_849518368396603_2186748307306700963_oLooking out through sweaty hair to catch glimpses of smiling dancers. Singing to the edge of breath alongside the people I love the most. Sitting alone with a smirk and a new idea of something ridiculous to try.’

If you want the boring answer that is mostly a lie, highlights include kicking the footy backstage with spiritual similars Architecture in Helsinki, playing Groovin’ The Moo, and taking out four MAMAs (music awards).

DSM: I lived in Canberra for 4 years. For some reason, whenever I go back I find myself counting the minutes til I can leave again. The nation’s capital isn’t exactly known as a haven for creative types. Is the Canberra music scene a good musical vagina to be pushed from? How has your hometown affected your approach to musicing?

1096968_849516868396753_7092380172830958042_oCE: Canberra may have a reputation on par with Ebola, but it is absolutely a haven for creative types. Nobody from Fun Machine are natives, and it’s likely that none of us will be here within a few years, but it’s a wonderfully safe place to create with a very robust and supportive – albeit non-mainstream – arts community. I guess it’s been inevitably influential upon us by being such a progressive and educated society, which has framed a fairly indignant ridicule for the fearful sludge that passes for the middle ground in Australian society.

I’m not sure when you were here or what you were doing, but so much is possible, wherever you’re willing to create it. Obviously there’s no music industry opportunity stuff here, which hurts a few things, but we’ve found it a happy price to pay for a little extra protection for our artistic development.

DSM: I lived there when I was 13 so that might have something to do with it… What’s the Grand Fun Machine Plan for the Future?

841198_849516945063412_9210034025830676965_oCE: Well, we just finished a national tour of the back of our debut album, ‘Bodies On’. So we’re going to take a short break to dream some next level mayhem and hopefully record another full-length in the near future. We’re always writing and restless to yell at and love with the world.

‘Also it’s a great moment to sit back and imagine what sort of theme park we can build with all the Bandcamp/iTunes/Spotify billions rolling in from the album.’

DSM: Lay a Fun Machine inspirational playlist on us. What are a few songs you’re digging, old or new that are giving u earections.

CE: Oh this would be different every week and obviously entirely different for each of us. Here’s the one that’s true for me today:


10006069_849516625063444_2167560304532185504_oTim Fitz – Ribs

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Get Up Morning

Bobby Womack – If There Wasn’t Something There

Camille – La Jeune Fille Aux Cheveaux Blancs

Hot Chip – Flutes

Hashemoto – Long Lost Ships

Waterford – Renovator’s Dream

DFA 1979 – Go Home, Get Down

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

Hannah Beasley – What To Mean


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Wanna see them naked?


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