Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.09.12 PMHanah Hill, AKA Hanecdote, is responsible for creating a bunch of suuuuuper cute handmade stuff. Her ‘Ghoul Guide’ patches are beloved the world over for their uncanny ability to spread happiness and hope through her clever little stitches.

DSM: Who is the mysterious person behind Hanecdote and how did u come to be doing the shit you do?

10442345_602354216530491_5620904662733134563_nHH: Well, Im Hannah Hill, Im 20 years old and Im born and raised in London. I guess Ive always been creative and artistic, but I didn’t properly explore my ideas and talents until I studied Art and Design at college. Here I was introduced to textiles design, specifically hand embroidery and Ive been obsessed for the past three years. I released my Ghoul Guide patches in June 2013 and Hanecdote’s popularity since then has been on the rise.

DSM:  It looks painstakingly difficult to do the kind of detailed work you do with a needle and thread. What motivates u to sit around squinting and creating for hours on end?

tumblr_na012eS0KI1rvud5do1_500HH: Getting glasses definitely helped with the squinting, but other than the occasional achey neck and sore fingers, I’m content sitting and sewing while watching a show on Netflix.

‘I grew up admiring my mum knitting while watching tv, and now embroidery has become second nature to me too.’

Sometimes I lack motivation or momentum with a particular patch but I always remind myself to get it finished before I judge it too much, as sometimes the very final detail pulls the whole image together. I also keep it exciting by coming up with new designs to work on, or special patches for my loved ones.

DSM: What’s with patches anyway? Why are they so rad and have such appeal, do you think?

tumblr_ncy0eteVID1rvud5do1_500HH: For me personally, I used to collect stamps, and hoarding runs in the family, so I love patches because they’re so collectible. They can be small, and fairly affordable, with such a variety of subject matter, whether they be humorous or for an activity or your favourite tv show!

DSM: You do have a wide variety of subject matter, from avocados and cacti to the clitoris and coffins. Do you have a philosophy that drives the content of your patches?

HH: Lots of my patches combine pop culture references, feminism and my own interests. Ive made plenty of patches that I’ve loved, but no one else was interested in. I like having a variety and for my customers to be spoilt for choice, which is also why I do custom patches too.Usually I just have to believe in an idea and I make it happen, but sometimes I do have second thoughts about ideas and designs.

tumblr_n8kmcuQnh31rvud5do4_500‘I recently started a whole new sketchbook just to keep track of all the ideas I haven’t made yet, as they all get lost on scraps of paper or in a note on my phone!’

DSM: What’s the plan for the future of Hanecdote?

The future for Hanecdote looks really exciting. Im thinking of getting back into the screen printing with all new Ghoul Guide t-shirts, as well as some pretty exciting collaborations and hopefully a zine! I would love to one day drive around in a campervan that is kitted out with embroidery supplies, and run workshops and events around the world. Id love to create some sort of reward/membership scheme to work along side my patches.

‘I hope to be making patches and making people happy for a long time.’



Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.52.07 PM



Buy some of Hanecdote’s awesome stuff now on Etsy!



Follow her on @hanecdote on Instagram, Tumblr and like her on Facebook to keep up with all her new designs and projects!

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