Life is simple. There’s really only 1 decision to make; either do nothing much, or do some shit. DSM is a guide for the folks who choose Option #2.
Photograph courtesy of Pictionary Productions.
Writing on photo courtesy of DSM’s mad paintbrush skills.

Do Shit Magazine is a tool to inspire.

We find people who do all sorts of shit; passionate obsessive driven dudes and dudinas who Play Shit, Build Shit, look Shit Hot, Design Shit, Draw Shit, Paint Shit, Invent Shit, people who are DOING, and most importantly, the people who See Cool Shit where most people see Shit All.
We find them and share the shit they’re doing with other people who want want to be inspired to make every second of their lives count rather than arriving at their inevitable deathbed having logged 40 zillion hours of television watching, inane snapchatting and posting pics of moderately delicious meals, mundane baby pics and…

…increasingly depressing selfies, which in a few years time if you scroll thru quickly will function as an Indiana-Jones-Style time lapse of the ageing process.

You are here. ‘Here’ is a gap between the epic slab of time since the birth of the universe (when the molecules that make up you were a fungi, then a jellyfish, some dinosaur jizz, a delicate leaf of a fern used to wipe a caveman’s ass, Jesus’ sweat, the propeller of a japanese WWII midget submarine caught in a net in Sydney Harbour etc etc), and the even more massive slab of time about 80 years from now where you’ll cease being you and go back to being all sorts of random things that are in all likelihood..


This is a guide for people who want to make this slim, miraculous opportunity count.We believe Doing Shit is contagious, infectious. When we see someone else Doing Shit it makes us wonder what amazing shit we are capable of.
Email us at if you have an idea for a story, or if you are a story!

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