703627_593387784027302_2139370844_oThe art of J.Pierce makes your eyeballs feel like your tongue does when you dump a whole packet of Skittles™ in your mouth. Whether hanging in a fancy art gallery or on the front of some dude’s shirt, his bold, playful creations, make you feel like you’re a kid again, back playing in one of those colourful ball-pit things they have in the most kickass playgrounds. Those things rule. And so does J.Pierce.

But his life hasn’t always ruled. Like most of the raddest people in the world, he’s had to battle through some hard times to get to where he is today. And he’s come out the other side with some mad skills, infectious positivity and some invaluable advice.

The team at DSM love the shit he does and the way he does it! We’ve been inspired by J.P, and we think you will be too! Check him out!

DSM: Mr. J Pierce, describe yourself in 3 words.

JP: If I had to describe myself in 3 words, I would simply say humble, (VERY) positive, and most importantly COLORFUL!

DSM: Tell us a bit about what you do…

532692_416002148432534_1531323459_nJP: I am a visual artist/designer currently establishing a new look and feel in the fashion/art world. I currently work with celebrities, athletes, hotels, schools, local businesses and etc. I produce a lot of custom original artwork for various clients and collectors all over the globe. I live-paint for WWDMAGIC, which is the biggest fashion trade show, that happens twice a year in Vegas. All my work is showcased through the 3 day period, and I paint oversized paintings/mannequins in front of hundreds of people each show.

1381894_664361866929893_1735884831_nI am also working on my official clothing brand, and getting products sampled/produced like bucket hats, hoodies, sweatpants, tshirts, fitted hats, and etc, I have also been getting products sampled like flasks, stickers, buttons, plush toys, and other products to build a look book for my brand as a whole.

I do a lot of work with the youth, since a lot of artists nowadays don’t really promote the youth, and help out schools/low income communities. I do a lot of live painting at schools while kids eat lunch, as well as workshop classes, motivational speaking, and games that involve my art.

‘I love to help motivate those kids that don’t have that motivational push in life.’

I also license out my artwork with various companies all over the world, I have my own shoes released all over China with a company called Joy and Mario Footwear, I also just signed a deal to get my own line of luggage, and travel accessories as well, this is actually taking place as we speak. I recently just partnered with my new official business partner/agent who is now going to take me to the next level with my art work and brand. As far as artwork goes, anything I can get my work or designs on, I’m going to do it. I am constantly doing stuff to push my name and artwork as much as possible in a very diverse way.

DSM: You’re a successful artist and fashion designer who travels the world sharing your talents and colour, and helping others along the way. But you mention that you’ve been through some ‘hardships’ to get to where you are today?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.34.13 PMJP: The Hardships that I have gone through have definitely built and helped shape who I have become today. I was on my own at 16, basically homeless, living on my friends couch. Both my parents were going through some tough struggles, and I didn’t feel comfortable being around that at the time.

‘I used to live in hotels, ran down apartments, and basically the hood where nothing good happens, just lots of violence, drugs, and negative stuff I didn’t want to be apart of. I could barely afford Top Ramen, and the way I would make side cash would be hand-painting T-shirts, hats, and shoes for all the gang bangers in my area.’

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.04.44 PMI was in and out of foster care, kept running into false business people who kept using me and taking my money, as well as people rejecting me and getting my hopes up. I came to a point where I was done, I wanted a positive change in my life, and wanted to take action, I put everything in God’s hands, and he simply helped me get out of that hole. My parents today are clean and back to normal living which is a blessing by God.

‘I feel I had to go through some pretty tough times in order to build the positive, focused, and determined human being that I am today.’

DSM: You have a super distinct style. Your bold colour and linework is so much fun! What influenced the development of your unique look?


‘What influenced my style is interacting with kids, skateboarding, and wrestling.’


I love being able to play with color pallets and painting endless thick bold lines. Being a skateboarder, and being around urban companies, pro skateboarders, kids, and other urban environments, helped establish my style, I also love WWE wrestling. The different characters that are used in WWE inspire me to create some of the goofy and diverse characters that I produce.



DSM: For people reading this who are maybe coming through some hard times but want to pursue their passion, what advice would you give?

JP: The advice I have to give to those who are on the come up, is simply this:

550906_419365868096162_1050667098_nDO NOT listen to people if they tell you to do it their way.

DO NOT let one individual be a gate keeper to your success; if one person doesn’t work out, move on and find the next.

ONLY surround yourself with people who are grinding like yourself.

DO NOT surround yourself with negative, lazy, and jealous people; they WILL slow you down.


Rejections are everywhere, and even some of the most successful people today had to deal with it. “Failure” isn’t even in question, or thought. Get up and GO GET IT!!


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All pics courtesy of J.Pierce.

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