FullSizeRender 3Jordan Robins combines his passion for the ocean, his love for photography, and the natural wonders of the seaside paradise where he grew up, to capture some truly spectacular images. But getting the shots he gets ain’t easy in an environment where large tooth-filled predators prowl ready to have you and your camera for a snack, when your models live in an underwater world miles off the coast, and where you’ve got to get cold and soggy just to get their good sides.

DSM caught up with Jordan this week to see why and how he does the shit he loves, and while we were at it we got him to share some of his all time favourite shots for your viewing pleasure.

Before we begin, please watch this educational video to get in the mood:

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DSM: How did you originally get into photography?

JR: I have always had an appreciation for photography and during my late teens I worked at the local dive shop as a dive guide. I had a gopro, which I would take with me on every dive taking photos of all the marine life Jervis Bay had to offer. It wasn’t until I turned 21 when my parents gifted me with my first DSLR camera for my birthday. Not having a clue how to use it, I decided to take up a photography subject as an elective while I was studying at uni. This subject taught me the basics of photography and kicked my passion for photography into gear. A love for the ocean finds me today focusing mainly on underwater photography.

DSM: What inspires you about the ocean and its inhabitants as subject matter?
JR: For me the ocean is my favorite place to shoot, it is a place when I am relaxed and free for the stressors of life.

“When you jump in the water there is always a great sense of excitement, as you never know what marvelous marine creatures you may stumblfce across.”

Seeing marine life you have not seen before only further pushes me to explore and photograph new places.


DSM: Does it ever get dangerous taking shots in an underwater environment, often of some pretty dangerous animals? Ever had any scary shit happen down there?


“One time while scuba diving we were sitting on the bottom and happened to look up to the surface where there was a large shark cruising in mid water. He was just chilling though… but chilling between us and the boat. “

It was a bit daunting when we had to come back up to the surface.

DSM: You live in Jervis Bay; the same place that our editor is from. He’s constantly bragging to everyone that it’s the best spot in the world blah blah blah… what’s so good about it?
JR: Well that’s because it is the best place on earth! Growing up in such a beautiful part of the world has been such a privilege.

“The laid back coastal life style, great snorkeling and diving, and endless idyllic white sand beaches, crystal clear water and great surf are just a few reasons why Jervis Bay is hands down the best place on earth!”

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DSM: You’ve had to combine some mad skills to get your shots; diving, underwater lighting and shooting, a knowledge of the ocean and the behaviour of a huge range of sea creatures. What drives you to keep getting out amongst it despite the cold mornings, technical skill needed, and expensive equipment etc.

JR: For me, photography is my passion and its what I love to do most. It is what gets me up and going in the morning. Each time I go out and shoot there is there is always an element of surprise as you’re never really to sure what you’re going to see.

Jordan_Robins_Eastern_Fidlar_Ray“You never know when that special moment is going to happen, which drives me to get out and shoot at every opportunity, even if it means waking up before sunrise on a freezing cold winters morning and slipping into a wet cold wetsuit.”

A lot of patience is required learning all the skills and techniques. I constantly find myself spending hours on YouTube watching various photography tutorials and videos. But the best way to learn is to just get out there and try all different things and learn from your mistakes. The gear is pretty darn expensive but when you’re rewarded with great images and memories that will last a lifetime it is all worth it!


To see more of Jordan’s amazing shots or order prints head here.

Or hit up his insta: @joran_robins


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