Photography by Peter Coulston, Words by Daryl Jones.

I was an extra on this big movie, and there were literally hundreds and hundreds of us. So there were like 20 makeup people in charge of getting all of us ready every morning at 5am for like a month.  The coolest makeup person of all, that all of us always wanted to get, was called Lizzie Sharp.  She had cool tattoos and was super nice.

Turns out, Lizzie happens to be one of the most incredible makeup and special FX persons on the planet.  Forget what you think you know about makeup.  Lizzie is a POWERFUL MAGICIAN who can create spectacular 3D visual optical illusions using the human body as her moving canvas.  From blockbuster movies, painting, television, special FX, theatre, photography, film making, art shows all over the world, to teaching the craft in her home city of Melbourne, Australia, to even wielding the odd tattoo gun, Lizzie has done it all.

1395186_10151719968853247_445622438_nDSM: Explain the shit you do; it’s kinda epically beyond what people would normally think of when someone says they ‘do makeup’…

1621778_10151917373938247_1985032702_nLS: [Laughing] Yeah, the general public don’t understand Makeup Artistry, unless they know one of us personally. I call us ‘Avon ladies’, as for general public, thats what we are seen as! But for crews who are in the Visual Arts or have a mate who is a Makeup FX Artist, they see many of us cross pollinating with our mediums, taking make-up to new levels. Some of us have Art backgrounds. I have a degree in Visual Arts so that helps in my approach.

DSM: What makes u most excited and passionate about your art and work?

1402950_608710155852027_2057456375_oLS: My Visions… I see a lot that I can’t explain.

‘It is the best feeling when they pop in my head! Massive rushes of excitement.’

DSM: What’s is the most difficult element of your work to overcome?

LS: The ‘Artists life’.

1410806_619761304746912_671069786_o‘As a freelancer for any art form it’s a roller coaster.  It’s been nearly two decades on this amazing ride for me, and you learn so much about yourself when working for yourself.’

DSM: You seem to be constantly adapting and experimenting, pushing into new areas. What is next on your to-do list?

LS: [Laughing] Too many people follow me waiting to hear this, so I will keep this one under wraps for now!

‘Stay tuned; this year & next year are full of surprises!’

62970_10151219216833247_410834813_nDSM: You teach people and share your craft all the time. Have you got some advice for anyone interested in getting into the industry?

LS: Sure. Just love your fears. Many people, including myself, believe now-a-days many of the Artistic Industries are flooded.

‘But if you believe enough in anything you will make it happen!’

1497847_648216741901368_2063334154_oThe world needs open minded people, so its a good thing. But if the passion’s not there, then it’s definitely not for you.

To see more of Lizzie’s amazing shit on facebook click here!

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  1. Ann-Maree Jacobs

    Thats my niece she is one VERY special lady with amazing talent and one of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet.To say I am a little proud of her is putting it mildly.

  2. Hinny Tran

    Lizzie is a gun. I’m blessed to work with her. She did Makeup FX for an upcoming film we collaborated on. Even if the film was shit, everybody would want to go see this. I mean, look at it.


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