10346946_548104308633316_1565800598_nThere are certain places in the world that posses the kind of beauty that words will always fail to adequately describe.  Which is why George Theodore Photograph invented the camera in 1756.  Unfortunately for George, most people suck massively at using the modern versions of his miraculous invention.  Despite almost everyone having the ability to take a ‘Theodore’ using a device stored in their pocket, much of the worlds’ beauty remains elusively unable to be effectively captured.

A few people though, approximately ‘one in 57 zillion’ in fact, according to latest figures from the DSM statisticians, are able to come pretty close.  Maree Clout is one of those rare creatures.  In her spectacular homeland of Jervis Bay, Australia, there’s none better…

10306929_548070288636718_793466512_nDSM: What first inspired you to pick up a camera?

MC: I had a friend who was into photography who also had her own darkroom. The first time I saw the images appear before my eyes, I was hooked. Not long after that, I purchased a camera and had my own darkroom.

DSM: How has where you live influenced your art?

MC: Jervis Bay is a photographers paradise. The beaches, sea cliffs and marine     life are continually changing. They are each affected by the weather, the tides and the seasons.

10342683_548070278636719_1490930988_n‘I was taught when I was young, to respect and appreciate the bay and the magic it holds. I have lived here all my life and I don’t think I will even get close to seeing all that it has to offer.’

DSM: The way you capture the bay is breathtaking.  Is there a secret you’ve found to taking landscape shots that truly capture the epic beauty of your corner of the world?

10345059_548070281970052_566964181_nMC: I guess my familiarity with the area helps in capturing my images. I spend a lot of time looking or waiting for the perfect light. I’ve learned a fair bit about meteorology and how it effects photographic conditions in the bay. For example- The bioluminescence that we see occasionally here (the crazy blue glowing water pictured above!). By observing different weather events, you start to see a pattern, as to when this phenomenon may occur.

‘And basically being out there as much as possible helps…’

10335755_548070291970051_1847551963_nDSM: What motivates you to get out with the camera so often, sometimes in the middle of the night or during dangerous lightening storms?

MC: I guess it’s the thrill of capturing something spectacular. It’s often in the        middle of the night or in unstable weather that this will occur.

‘I have some great photography friends. We’re all as mad as each other and have some bloody good laughs.’

DSM: Where can we see/get our hands on your stuff?

10313940_548070295303384_1326101720_nMC: My images are available to purchase. They can be printed on canvas, acrylic glass and also fine art photographic paper.

To see more and/or purchase prints, head to Maree’s Facebook page here!

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  1. Corinne Le Gall

    Wonderful article written about my dear friend – and as it says in the story, a photographer with ‘the eye’ for capturing the best that the bay has to offer….dedicated, passionate and a fun person to be with.

  2. Danielle Connolly

    Maree is an Awesome Photographer Love her work 🙂


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