International motorcycle journalist and enthusiast Natasha Paz, or Moto Tasha as she’s known to the world, is a badass. Starting out riding for relaxation on her weekends off from the army, her hobby has become an obsession.

unnamedHer ‘motoculture’ blog, where she shares stories from around the 🌍 about custom bikes, events, riders, and art, combines her passion for bikes and her desire to share this unique culture with people everywhere.


DSM: You seem to pop up, wherever bikes are found, all over the world! Where are you originally from Tash?

MT: I was born in Russia and lived there till I was 10 years old. I then moved to the Middle East with my mom and my older brother, but in the last 4 years I managed to live 3 other countries as well.

DSM: What was your first experience with the two-wheeled machines you love so much?

A Soviet Ural Motorcycle and side-car. Moto Tasha’s first two-wheeled toy!

MT: I think I was around 6 y/o when I saw an old Soviet Ural and I was absolutely fascinated with that loud side-carred beauty.

“I was in the middle of a camping trip with my dad and his friends and they got very excited by the fact that the little girl is trying to poke around the engine as if it was a toy.”


DSM: Have you ever come off?

MT: I had a few light crashes, mostly on my friend’s dirt bikes. As I couldn’t afford to get my own bike, I borrowed bikes from my friends every other weekend during my military service.

“Luckily, the worst crash for me was an easy slide that just ended up being a concussion.”


DSM: Growing up in Israel, was riding bikes a common pastime for you and your friends?

MT: I actually started riding bikes only a couple of years ago on the weekends when I moved out of the city to more of a country-side, as a way to relax on the weekends that I was spending away from the base.


DSM: What’s the motorcycle scene like over in Israel?

MT: The motorcycle scene here is developing. On one hand there are a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts and riding clubs, a couple of legal racing tracks and a lot of Moto GP viewers but on the other hand, there are ridiculously high bike insurance rates, lack of gear styles and variety and almost no large gatherings and bike-festivals that can really bring the riding community together.

DSM: Why do you love riding so much?


“The sense of complete independence that I get while riding, is like nothing else.”

MT: Even if it is just for an hour. The fact that I do not have to look for parking is a huge bonus as well!

DSM: Your awesome instagram contains the words “No Excuses. No ego.” Explain that mantra…

MT: It is a very simple way of thinking rather than a mantra. Instead of saying “I do not have time to work out” I’ll inspect if it is a priority and if it is, I’ll make time. So the excuse is completely irrelevant as it is only a matter of choice for me. The same when it comes to ego.

“When I’m wrong, saying that I’m not won’t make a difference, as it won’t help me to figure out how to make it right.”

DSM: What advice would you give to other riders out there all over the world?


“Get on the bike or under it, that’s all you need to do.”


To follow along with the adventures of Moto Tasha head to her insta here!

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