photo copy 7Ryan Le Bon’s brother Corey passed away in November 2011.  He had an aneuryism on the aorta of his heart and it ruptured, after years of battling numerous super-f**ked-up health problems.  Ryan is a kickass musician and knows a bunch of other kickass musicians.  So on May 10, as a thank you to the doctors who operated numerous times on his bro, Ryan is using what he’s got to stage an incredible fundraising show: MY COREY RIOT!

This is the kind of shit we LOVE seeing people do. People using the terrible shit the world throws at them, and through their talents and passion, turning it into a way to help others.

On May 10 a massively cool lineup of bands will take the stage, all donating their time to this great cause.

10253339_10152307817941628_180487145_nFait Accompli, Bonez, The Dark Hawks, Television Children, Taking Berlin, Wasters, Grand Oyster Palace and Dean Dixon (HAHA) will take to the stage at the Captain Cook Hotel Surrey Hills on Saturday May 10!

During Corey’s long health battles, a surgeon from The Baird Institute, the only group in Australia dedicated to improving clinical and surgical techniques for heart and lung conditions, operated twice on Corey.  The Baird Institute is not subsidized by the government and rely on fundraising and the support of people like Ryan Le Bon to continue their lifesaving work.

Corey’s story, as told by Ryan:


“Around the end of 2008 Corey started getting ear infections which at the time we thought was nothing but then other mysterious health problems started happening.  He was constantly at the doctors but even though no one knew what exactly was wrong with him, the disease spread. The doctors eventually figured out he had a type of cancer called ‘relapsing polychondritis with large vessel vasculitis’ that basically ate away at him. He went through 6 months of chemo. Then they found an aneuryism on the aorta of his heart and thats when he needed open heart surgery, which was a great success thanks to the Baird Institute.  A year passed and they found it had come back so he need another open heart surgery; again the people at Baird were amazing.  After that everything was going fine until November 4 2011 where the aneuryism ruptured and he just instantly passed away in his home.  He was 31 years old and had just finished his masters in architecture.”

“I’ve wanted to do some kind of fundraising event for the Baird Institute for a while now. They are an amazing institute that did a lot for my brother when he was sick.  So I thought I’d finally get my act together, get some friends to help, and raise some money for them in my brothers name.”

Tickets to this epic show are $15 and every single cent is going straight to the Baird Institute.

My Sydney Riot’, who put on a whole bunch of awesome shows everywhere are staging the event, with the sensationally cool people at Sailor Jerry supplying the booze for the evening.  Artist Union are also on board and HAHA Industries have put their name to it and have supplied Mr Dean Dixon to DJ the night.

“We initially hoped for 100 people to come on the night and to raise $2000.  That goal was reached in 2 days. Now its well over $5000 gone to the institute already! We’re blown away!”

Massive DSM <3 to Ryan and his family and all they’ve been through.  Huge respect to all the amazing supporters of the Baird Institute and My Corey Riot from all of us at DSM!

To buy tickets to My Corey Riot click here!

The My Corey Riot fb event page.

To donate to the Baird Institute ‘My Corey Riot’ account click here now!


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