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10605935_10204594022959396_1892117074_oPro Skater. TV Presenter. Motivational Speaker. Actor. Model. Youth Worker. Alaskan. Ridiclously Nice Dude.

Preston Pollard is many things. But the words we like most that describe Preston Pollard right now are ‘In Do Shit Magazine’. Read on and let yourself be inspired by the guy that Oprah herself employs to help inspire people as a guest host her inspirational channel. We dare you to not be inspired by Preston Pollard.

DSM: You’re kind of a big deal right now, and you’re super busy doing a lot of cool shit. Yet within 10 seconds of meeting you I instantly felt like I was a big deal to you. I felt uplifted, and like you actually gave a shit about me. Then I watched you walk away and make a bunch of kids feel the same way. How did you come to possess this superpower? Were you bitten by a radioactive cuddly puppy dog?  What’s your secret to having that kind of powerful effect on those around you?

50-50 Alaska winter 1copyPP: You are hilarious! To be honest I believe it’s just how I have grown up and having God in my life. Living in Anchorage, Alaska was very down to earth, and my parents and family are very uplifting and I guess it rubbed off on me. I always do my best to surround myself with people who inspire me.

DSM: Have you always been such a positive guy? How would meeting a 15-year-old version of Preston Pollard differ from meeting the 25-year-old version I met?

PP: When I was younger I would say I was positive, I always tried to look at the glass of water full instead of empty. When I was 15 I was skateboarding like crazy and trying to get as many sponsors as I could. I got in one of my first skateboarding magazines around that time also.

DSM: So who is Preston Pollard?  Tell us about the shit you do, ‘cause you do a whole lot of interesting stuff…

OWN3PP: I’m a Motivational Speaker, Pro Skateboarder, Actor, Model, Guest TV-Host for Oprah.com & Juce TV. I also just got news I’m nominated for best Actor for a Short Film contest called 168.

‘I do a lot of things because I’m ADD!’

DSM: What first drew you to skating? It’s not exactly the most stereotypical Alaskan pastime that springs to mind…

PP: I never wanted to be a conformist; I always wanted to do something out of the box and that was skateboarding. When I started skateboarding at 7 I just loved it. Most of my friends were into playing Basketball and Football and Soccer.

‘I was horrible at other sports. My friends would call me ‘Butter Fingers’ when I played Basketball because the ball would slip out of my hands so much. So I just kept on skateboarding. I was the worst skater in my group, but I enjoyed it, so I kept on going.’

10479611_10152611505102667_2676655648958795614_nDSM: So as well as skating professionally you have modeled for Nike, Sony, Forever 21, & Tilly’s. You’re a host of a television show. You travel the world speaking to youth. You’re about to be a guest host for Oprah.com. Out of all the amazing things you do, what are you most proud of, and most excited about?
PP: One of the things I’m proud of is being able to relate to the youth through speaking and skateboarding.  Reaching a kid who is lost is priceless and that inspires me.  I’m most excited about TV Hosting for Oprah.com. It has been an amazing opportunity. You can catch my episodes airing on Sept 12th, 19th and 26th.

DSM: Many people in your field(s) aren’t known for being particularly selfless individuals.  Most people just do the shit they do to benefit themselves. Why have you decided to work so hard at using your skills and gifts to benefit others, rather than just for lining your own pockets?

MotivaitonPP:  You are right, a lot of people just live for themselves and I have tried that and I was never happy.

‘What gives me happiness is being able to encourage someone. I have had a lot of people help me and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here.  It feels incredible helping someone who needs a hand, and that is something you cant buy.’


DSM: What do you think is the key to actually doing the shit you’re passionate about in life, rather than just sitting back, wishing and dreaming?

PP: The key is to get up and make a move, even baby steps.

Preston laugh‘I’m not the best out of all the things I do, but I tell you what, I get up and make goals and meet them. You have to have discipline, you have to be persistent and consistent.’

DSM: What cool shit do you have planed in the future? What can we look forward to seeing next from Mr Preston Pollard?




PP: You can expect me to be motivating more kids worldwide & launching Preston Skateboards.
To see the man himself watch On the Grind here by Paul Brasil.
To find out more or contact PP head here.
To book the man to model yo shit click here.
For more images by Michael Davello go here.
Stay tuned to Do Shit Magazine on Facebook to keep up with what Mr Pollard gets up to next!


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