There ain’t much cool shit Crille Rask can’t do. This nomadic adventurer hailing from “Planet Europe”, via a “rough and random” childhood split between Sweden and Portugal, has found his home on surf, skate and snowboards the world over, as well as in front of and behind various cameras and musical instruments. After seeing mysterious glimpses of Raskal all over the internets for ages as a Rhythm ambassador, we felt it was about time we tracked this talented, stylish mofo down.

We caught him this week between some fun projects in Saigon, Vietnam. He kindly took some time out to tell us what’s right and wrong with the world, his secret to happiness, and share some of his personal favourite snaps he’s been snapping recently all over this snappy ‘lil playground we call Planet Earth.

Words by Daryl Jones, additional photos of CR by Carly Brown.

IMG_7815DSM: Hey Crille Rask. What do you love?

CR: Ohh that list is so long… I’m in love with life itself. It’s been really good to me lately. I had a bit of a rough and random upbringing for various reasons so I really appreciate that I only have to focus on being happy and stoked about everything now. But to name a few particular things I would say family, friends, coffee, music, food, and nature.

DSM: Most of us get caught up doing shit we don’t love most the time. How have you managed to fill your life with the things you love so effectively?

IMG_5259CR: To be honest I’m not fully sure how.

“I guess I’m one of those people who are brave or stupid enough to take risks.”

I also worked really hard for years with my passions and I somehow got rewarded for it. But only after hours and hours of working for pretty much nothing. I can definitely walk backwards and see key choices and sacrifices that have helped to make my life being what it is today. What I’ve mainly learnt is that nothing you do for a living should ever be boring or too time consuming. Life’s too short and time is precious. Saying that, I’m fully aware that not everybody has the possibility of doing so. But I guess to the maximum extent possible in your everyday environment this could apply to everyone.

IMG_3251DSM: What’s wrong with the world?

CR: I think I have to say people. People do so much stupid shit it makes me upset almost every day. If it isn’t wars over oil domination it is wars for religious outbursts. If it isn’t plastic bags on every single beach it is a poor little monkey locked up in a cage no bigger than a trash can. I mean, people are treating the planet so badly and are so evil to each other that it’s beyond my limit to even begin to understand.

DSM: What’s right with the world?

IMG_5453CR: I have to say people here too. There are a lot of amazing people out there doing epic things for the planet and for other people. I’ve been gifted by meeting a lot of good people on my trips and I grew up with a lot of them.

“There’s a lot of good stuff out there; you just gotta find it and share it with the rest of the world. One person at a time.”

DSM: In all your travels, seeing the amazing people and places you’ve seen, rich and poor, the world over, have you discovered the secret to happiness?

Crille_Rhythm_web-6712CR: It’s such a hard and individual question to answer.

“I do think that the simpler you keep it the better you feel.”

Rich people are definitely not happier than the poor are. People who have everything and don’t need to fight for anything invent problems and situations to worry about. If you want to worry, there’s a lot of stuff you can pick from to worry about. Poor people might not have a lot of money but I’ve seen a lot more humanity and smiles coming from Third World countries than for example in both my home countries where a lot of people are struggling with depression, boredom and lack of lust for life. For example, Sweden is by far one of the most safe countries on the planet. But no one is stoked about it. You get everything paid for and still you’re not happy about it. I think people need to strive for something, like a passion of some sort or just simply work to survive. It keeps the mind busy and your instincts, feelings and animalistic sides will lead you more. I could go on forever but won’t.


What you can do to make yourself happier is to simply smile.

“If you smile to someone you will most likely get a smile back and that spreads like ripples on a lake.”

I sometimes find myself laughing out loud to myself when I find myself in random situations or just good moments. I think they are my little peaks of happiness.

DSM: Seeing someone like you on social media, it looks like a constant amazing, beautiful adventure. Do you have low times too? How do you get through them?

IMG_1429-2CR: I’m a very dynamic creature and I definitely have lows and when I get them I get them pretty hard. I mean, to me, life is all about balance. There is no happiness without sadness and vice versa. Everyone gets their share of positive and negative and we are supposed to deal with it. If we deal with it right the balance stays, if not, then you’re in a bit of trouble. I normally lock myself in whatever room I have for the time being and watch a TV series and eat epic snacks for a few days until the batteries are recharged and energy levels restored. I’m not gonna name drop which series ‘cause sometimes they’re really bad!


DSM: What’s next for Crille Rask?

“Tomorrow is next. I don’t like to think much further if I don’t have to.”

I’m in Saigon, Vietnam at the moment and I have some fun photo shoots the next couple of days. Also not to forget the amazing Vietnamese food and coffee; it’s insane! But to not seem too flaky, I also have to say that I have some fun projects coming up in Bali in between surfs within the next couple of weeks.


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