Oh boy! We knew 2017 was going to be good for inspiring us to do the shit we love, but we never thought it would start THIS good!

Meet Sam Barsky. Sam knits. But he doesn’t just knit your normal awesome itchy grandma sweaters. He creates incredible pieces of wearable art that depict his favourite travel destinations from around his home, the US and the world!


When learning to knit Sam was faced with a bunch of setbacks, as every knitting class he signed up for was cancelled due to a lack of people that shared his passion for learning this ancient craft. But he eventually tracked down some ladies willing to teach him how to loop and purl his nimble fingers off*, and since then he has never looked back. And my gosh are we glad he persevered!

*Not actually sure these are knitting terms but they sounded knitty.


Our personal fav.



Sam doesn’t just knit for pleasure though, oh no. This needle-wielding saint from Pikesville also knits hats for babies in local hospitals in Maryland*.

He’s currently completed over 100 sweaters depicting everything from Stonehenge, the Golden Gate Bridge (pictured above), winding highways, aquarium and museum trips, llama farms, productions of the Wizard of Oz (see him performing Karaoke in said-sweater here) to the Eiffel Tower… well a model of the Eiffel Tower, but whatevs!








The sweaters are incredibly complex pieces and it takes Sam about a month to complete each one. So don’t bombard the man with requests all at once!





Please do yourself a favour, kickstart 2017 with some proper inspiration and shoot over to Mr Barsky’s Facebook page. Go watch his Facebook vids here to meet the man himself and see more of these glorious creations. If you love them as much as the team here at DSM you’ll be setting his trademark super-sweet “Hello I’m Sam Barsky” as your new ringtone, to inspire you every time you get a call to be as passionate about life as Sam is about knitting.


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