Did you ever sit alone in your bedroom and imagine you were a super famous musician, making up songs, playing to huge imaginary crowds at shows around the world, while people with your preferred body parts threw whatever undergarments cover those bits at you? I sure did. Maybe you didn’t; maybe you had friends and pillow fights and parties to attend. You lucky prick.

Now, thanks to Budweiser Made for Music, if you’re an unsigned electronic music artist, you have the chance to get out of the bedroom and onto the stage. In conjunction with Universal Music, the good people at Budweiser have created an uber-shortcut to underwear landing on and around YOU.

Electronic music heavyweights The Aston Shuffle, AKA Mikah Freeman and Vance Musgrove, along side the shit-hot Uberjak’d, are teaming up with Budweiser and Universal Music to give away opportunities of a lifetime for expert mentorship, live shows, $5000 bucks worth of gear, and the ear of Australia’s top music industry executives.

Do Shit Magazine caught up with 50% of The Aston Shuffle, the very lovely Mr. Mikah Freeman, to hear the deets of the comp, what The Aston Shuffle are up to, and what got these busy boys on board…

Generic Press ImageDSM: So the Budweiser Made for Music Competition sounds pretty great. Any unsigned electronic music producer stuck at home with creating their sounds can upload their shit and have it critiqued by The Aston Shuffle and Uberjak’d! It’s pretty rad of y’all to come on board as mentors for this thing. Is the electronic music scene typically this supportive of new artists?

MF: Definintely. Everyone is super supportive. There’s a lot of camaraderie, not just in this genre but across Australian music in general. It’s always been like that for us; we’ve had our mentors who were there to help us along the way. The Australian dance music scene is super supportive, across the board. Everyone is out to help everyone create. It’s cool, Australian music fans typically don’t have tunnel vision in terms of genre; they just love good music whatever type it is so that’s super cool.

“We were honoured the be approached by Budweiser to be mentors. We’ve been around doing our thing for a while now, and now it’s our time to give. I wish this was around when I started!”

DSM: The electronic music industry is a little different to other areas of music hey, like if you play violin or flute or something there’s whole conservatoriums full of people who can give you tips on how to wiggle your violin stick better or whistle your flute better, but most electronic musicians don’t typically have much support and teaching. Is that how you guys started, just figuring it out by yourself in a bedroom?

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.04.08 PMMF: That was very much Aston Shuffle’s learning curve. I’d spend hours and hours locked away in a room just getting the snare sound I wanted! Now with everything online you can find so much that we never could. But what we do that google can’t is give a set of ears to your song, and give some supportive ideas on how to improve, which is what everyone’s always hunting for, whether you’ve been around for a long time or just starting out!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.06.15 PM

“And with this Budweiser competition it’s not just any ears listening to you stuff, but a really amazing set of ears, with Uberjak’d, the awesome team at Universal and us on board!”

DSM: I don’t think you’ve really thought this through. Aren’t you scared that if you mentor too well in the Budweiser Made for Music thing that these new upcoming whippersnappers will start to kick too much ass in your scene, give you some competition?

MF: Haha, nah not at all! It’s all about camaraderie! If you’ve ever heard us on Triple J on our show Friday Night Shuffle, you know that we’re always spinning tracks from new upcoming artists.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.04.47 PM“And in the music game, if you’re not humble you will be humbled by some amazing 19 year old sooner or later anyway! We get inspired by new artists all the time. Like for instance, we’re rooted in dance, and the beat scene has just blown up and is really inspiring us. We’re definitely inspired rather than threatened. If it’s dope, it’s dope.”

DSM: Apart from mentoring the Budweiser Made for Music Comp, what’s the Aston Shuffle up to at the moment?

MF: We released our album earlier this year, and just finished touring it, and now we are about to head out on a regional tour, bringing it to the places the other one missed. And, as always, we’re still producing, gearing up for Stereosonic, and have a bunch of new music set to release early next year.

DSM: Any advice for people reading this who are tossing up whether or not to upload their tunes?

MF: “Just do it. It takes balls to put yourself out there and put your heart on your sleeve and share it with someone, but you never know what part of your creation will connect, even if your skills aren’t necessarily the best yet.”

We’re not going to hate on your music! It’ll be all constructive ideas. I entered a few comps when I was starting out too; you never know where it could lead! Everyone should always be looking for ways to make yourself better writing and producing, and this is an amazing opportunity! It might not happen overnight.

“Just do shit! Put your balls on the chopping board!”


Budweiser Made for Music is basically like landing on a ladder in Snakes and Ladders.

For more info and to enter, click here now!

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