By Daryl Jones.
When I was about 13 I was an illegal arms dealer.  I would make bows out of willow branches, whittle up arrows and glue real feathers on one end and make sharp little metal tips for the other. I’d sell them for $30 each.  Why $30? That’s how much CDs cost.  My first arms deal landed me a Chemical Brothers album, and the hatred of all my friends mums. I remember strutting the streets of suburban Canberra with my Sony discman bulging awkwardly out of my pocket, music injected loud into my young ears, and having that feeling like my life was a movie and I was the main character.

Supersonic Casualties by The Delta Riggs has been our soundtrack here at DSM for the last couple of weeks, and it’s having the exact same kickass effect!

It makes us strut around DSM Headquarters like baddass pimps.  So naturally we had to hunt down the gentlemen behind these intoxicating sounds and see how they came to be doing the amazing shit they do…
The Delta Riggs Brady Press - WEBDSM: I just had a blind girl check me out when I walked past her; no shit.  She had a blind person stick and everything and yet she FOLLOWED ME WITH HER EYES and smiled as I walked by. Do The Delta Riggs mostly play music to make girls check them out, or for other reasons also?
TDR: Maybe she smelt you, realised that you smelt like a cum rag and decided that all she had left to do was offer a sympathetic smile your way?

‘If we play music only to get girls to check us out, we are failing miserably.’

Almost as much fail as Tony Abbott has on running the country. We love playing music, we all wouldn’t do it for any other reason. You never get paid, you hardly ever get laid and loading gear isn’t as fun as it looks.

DSM: If The Delta Riggs members weren’t busy touring Australia and Europe and releasing a new album and being massive rock stars, what would y’all be doing you think?

TDR: Probably dreaming of touring the world and making heaps of money as massive rock stars. So, nothing different form the norm really.

DSM: Dipz Zebazios is the new album, and Supersonic Casualties is the first taste, and it is a juicy juicy morsel.  It’s my new favourite song, and a shoe-in to win Do Shit Magazine’s 2014 Song of the Year; a prestigious award I just now invented.  And it has a mega kickarse video!  What can we expect sonically from the rest of the album?

TDR: What an honour!

‘Take that Lorde, have fun with that Grammy of yours.’

Seriously though, thank you. We are really happy with how it turned out and the response thus far. The clip was really fun to make and came together so quickly, this guy Patrick De Teliga did the edit and he completely nailed it. The rest of the album takes a similar sonic approach, we really pushed the boundaries and our comfort zone in terms of songwriting and tonal use this time around. It still features that quintessential Delta Riggs swagger, but the songs have a different life to what people are used to. We are super psyched to unleash it in the coming months.

DSM: Do Shit Magazine loves passionate people who do shit rather than sitting around watching other people do shit.  The Delta Riggs are super DIY in their approach to recording music and you seem to be out playing shows a lot, even though your band members are spread out by 1000+Kms!  How do youz maintain the energy and keep putting in the effort to make music together despite the difficulties?

TDR: I love the premise for this magazine, it’s true though, I’m all about people that do shit too. It has its restraints but we have spent so much time with each other over the past 4 years that we are somewhat impervious to the distance. We also lived together in a house for six months and all we did was play music together so that put us in a great position for now. We always get together and write when we can,  we also tend to spend a lot of time in both states ( Melbourne & Sydney) so it’s not too arduous.

DSM: You’ve all been making music together and apart for a while now, you must have some mad wisdom you’ve learned for other people who want to make music too? Advice?

TDR: My biggest thing is songs.

‘Focus on writing great songs and the rest will follow.’

Put away your shredder guitar playing and technical prowess for a minute, just focus on good hooks and melodies that will connect with people.
Totally worth being an illegal arms dealer to get yo mitts on this one!  Go check out the boys as they launch off around the world Australia then Europe right now! Find the dates here!


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