Tropical Jesus. Man of Mystery. Eater of Nuggets. Rider of Motorcycles. Grower of Beards. Taker of Photos. Spanker of Buttocks. Soon to be, Opener of Restaurants. Whatever title you know him by, Joannes De Vincenzo is cool AF, and filling his life with the shit he 💖s most.

The man is half Italian, half Welsh, was raised in France and is now living on the surreal and beautiful Spanish island of Lanzarote with his Canadian wife Kenzie Rose.

We got a nosebleed just trying to imagine his amazing accent…

DSM: We love life enthusiasts, and it looks like your life is full of juicy goodness. Along with palm trees and chicken nuggets, what are the great loves of your life?
TJ: I’d say the great loves of my life are my family and wife, food, motorbikes, tattoos, music and adventuring, whether that means traveling to new places, or just going on hikes up the mountains, which are actually volcanoes in Lanzarote.


DSM: How did you meet your lovely wife and partner in crime Kenzie Rose?
TJ: I actually met her through my mother in Molfetta, Italy where my parents had their little bar. I was on holiday visiting them and they told me about her (forced me to meet her). I didn’t want to because I was actually having an operation at the time. But after we met the one time she went back to Canada and I went back to Wales we kept in contact for about two years until I decided to visit Canada where we planned to get a place together as roomates in Toronto.

“We lived in this really tiny shitty basement apartment and one month later my charms worked on her and we were dating. Three years later we got married.”


DSM: Tell us the story of a typical day in the life of Tropical Jesus.
TJ: A typical day in the life. Wake up next to my misses, give her a spank, eat my breakfast of a chocolate bar and Monster.

“Since I’m not working a typical job I have a lot of time to do what I want which is pretty much going to surf, discovering the island on my motorbike, or take my wife to a nudist town.”

When night comes I spend almost every night with my family and pets.. And eating a ton.  Not a typical 24 year old nightlife.
DSM: Beautiful places and beautiful people, gorgeous motorcycles and cars, riding boards and waves, and all this with one of the most luscious beards around. It looks like you are living the life lots of people would dream of. Was that a deliberate choice? Was “Tropical Jesus” destined to be “Tropical Accountant” once upon a time and you decided to change course?
TJ: My parents always allowed me to live whatever life I wanted to live. I’m not really a guy that’s able to work in the system in an office-type job.

“I find, for myself, the best workplace is a place I can create myself with people I can connect to.”

That’s why I’ve always wanted to open my own restaurant one day, that’s exactly the style I have with the people I love.
DSM: Seeing as you’re Jesus and all, figured we should ask, what’s the meaning of life, according to the tropical messiah himself?
TJ: Coming from Jesus himself, that’s a tricky question! I think I’m still figuring out that question.

“I grew up in a place that was very luxurious and full of riches and I saw that definitely wasn’t it, the meaning to life. It’s something more about being kind, and generous and being connected to yourself. Once you know who you are, you become free and start living.”


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