Imagine for a moment that you like really liked golf. Then imagine that golf courses are only grassy and perfectly smooth for like 3 hours, once every two weeks, at totally random times. The rest of the time the grass could be long and shaggy, or just dry dusty dirt. Oh, and beside every putting-hole-flaggy-bit (shut up, I don’t play golf), in the bushes, lurked a bunch of hungry AF lions.

That, my friends, is surfing.

Swap the golf rackets for surfboards, the grass for H2O and the lions for any of the 50 things in the ocean that want to sting/bite/slice you, and that’s basically it. Super frustrating.

“F*ck surfing! Dude, I’m gonna start golfing it up!” I hear you say. But wait! The amazing team at Waterborne Skateboards and their sick little invention are here to save the day for frustrated surfers everywhere, and prevent you and your homies from having to dress like this on the regs:



Creator Patrick Dumas has created a Surf Adapter that can turn your favourite skateboard into you favourite surfboard before your very eyes!


DSM caught up with the man himself to hear the story of how he took matters into his own hands to enable us to surf on land as well as water…


DSM: How was Waterborne born? It can’t be easy to develop and produce a product this sophisticated. Tell us a bit about the people and the process behind Waterborne coming into being.

WS: Waterborne really started with a bet with a buddy. We were talking about why surf-skateboards were so expensive. I explained that a surf-skateboard is the same as any other cruiser style board, apart from the front truck which is specialized.


“I bet him $20 that I could make an add-on part that could turn any skateboard into a surf skate for under $20. I ended up winning that bet, although if you count my labor, the first few surf adapter prototypes would have costed a couple hundred bucks!”

When friends started riding these prototypes on their own boards the response was great! It wasn’t till then that I even considered making the Waterborne Brand.


DSM: Most people stop at the “awesome idea” stage with these kinds of things, usually over a beer or a smoke, and never push it through to this level. What made the difference for you from going from the imaginary to the real?

WS: Thats a good question, and I think about it a lot. Ultimately the reason I ever started was because I’ve always loved building.

24232688_1580682955329689_440149256553173765_n“Prototyping in my ill-equipped garage was such an escape from life as a computer science undergrad. So weekend after weekend I would go home and perfect the design, and surf a lot.”

It was an El Niño year and the waves were good almost every day. More and more people asked me to make them surf adapters, so my focus was on improving the design so that I could build them faster with fewer operations. Once I got to the 6th generation my business instinct kicked in. I’d had a start up before when I was 17. An app company that failed to gain traction. So I knew the technical side of creating a brand, website, and videos.


DSM: If one converts ones board to a Waterborne setup, is it guaranteed to get you more girls, as advertised?

WS: It depends how hard you shred.

DSM: What’s the feedback from surfers been like? Does it really feel like riding a wave?

WS: Feedback is better than I ever imagined. All of our riders tell us that it actually improved their surfing.

“If I had a dollar for every time some told me they like it better than Carver, then I would be able to afford a Carver.”


DSM: What’s the future of Waterborne look like? How can people get their mitts on one and get involved?

WS: The immediate future is our Kickstarter campaign for the Surf Adapter and the more people that support us there, the better Waterborne’s future will be. I’m asking anyone who’s interested in Waterborne to support us there and they will not be disappointed.


“The future for Waterborne has me pretty stoked. Waterborne is going to focus on products that improve skateboards and make them more fun!”

We’re already testing our second product, and its really, really fun. That’s as much as I’ll say for now…


Keep up with the waterborne news on the webinstagram, and fb!

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