Since our ancient ancestors first climbed down out of nice shady trees and started walking around on their hind legs, people have needed hats. Alternatively, since the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, failed to provide adequate built-in shade and pizzazz to the top of our noggins, humans have had to come up with their own. Either way, whatever you believe, everyone can agree that hats are super sweet inventions, and a total necessity if you like adventures of the outdoor variety.

For those of us who #adventureoften and need some stylish head-protection from the elements, look no further than Melbourne brand Will + Bear. Not only do their handmade 100% Aussie wool unisex hats look swanky AF, but for every hat sold W+B plant 10 of the things our species climbed down out of all those years ago. 1 hat = 10 trees!

DSM had the pleasure of chatting to the people behind the scenes at Will + Bear this week, while they were on the road in their mega-dope adventure van.


DSM: Who are the people behind Will + Bear and what inspired you to create this rad little brand?

W+B: Will and Bear are Loz and Alex, a couple based in Melbourne, Victoria. We’re inspired by the Australian countryside and spend most of our time on the road in our very favourite possession: our Kombi van.

The inspiration for our brand came from life on the road (most of our good ideas come to us when we’re in our van!).


“We are both nature lovers and wanted to build a community that helps give back to the places we play.”

As a male & female team we saw a void for a unisex hat brand that catered for all types and tried to build our range to be accessible for everyone. Our unisex styles are inspired by the environments we play in and finished with the finest details.

WB_GreatOceanRd-155DSM: How does Will + Bear do that exactly, give back to the places we play?

W + B: We have partnered with to plant 10 trees for every hat sold. Each purchase helps counter the effects of deforestation, as well as supporting families and communities out of poverty.

DSM: Why trees?

W +B:

“Forests are our natural air filters and water factories. They are our respite, and place of peace. We couldn’t live without trees.”

Literally – they provide the very air that we breathe. They help keep the climate stable, support our waterways, and offer jobs and prosperity to communities. Unfortunately 50% of the worlds forests are lost to deforestation.


DSM: Hats say a lot about the person who’s head they’re on. What do you hope a Will + Bear hat represents when someone chooses to don one?

W + B: We want anyone that has a Will & Bear hat on their noggin to feel like they are part of our brand and community. We’ve focused a lot of our energy on building a brand that anyone feels like they can be a part of. We hope our customers are feeling our vibes and sharing the message.

DSM: DSMHQ has been loving your #adventureoften message of late on social media. A message close to our own hearts! Why does Will + Bear think it’s so important to adventure often?

DSC00695W + B: Nature is our biggest source of creativity & recharge.

“We think it’s super important to be in touch with nature for both mental and physical health.”

Life can be so fast these days that sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s really important. To us that is the people and environment around us. Being in nature give us the time to appreciate both.

“We want to inspire others to get outdoors and engage with their environments away from sedentary lifestyles.”

WB-South Aus-45

For more info and to get involved in the Will + Bear Forest Project click here!

To buy one of their sweet hats and help make your head and the planet a better place click here!

Follow along on their grand adventures on Instagram & FB!

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